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Stanley & Partner' s investment research and appraisal consulting department fields and experienced and trusted team of skilled professionals. The department offers real estate business development and financing advisory, asset appraisal, land valuation, district zoning and redevelopment consultation, and project feasibility research and strategy advisory. Past clients have included top-level domestic and foreign invesment banks, real estate developers, and government organizations.

Currently Stanley & Partners possess a regularly updated real estate database that covers residential, office, retail, and hospitality properties in locations across China including Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, and Suzhou. With the latest research techniques and the department's successful track record, the group is poised to provide professional market research and project consulting solutions tailored to suit each client's unique requirements.

Department Services

  1. Finance Consulting Service
  2. Asset Appraisal Consulting
  3. Land Acquisition Assessment Consulting
  4. Town Planning and Redevelopment Consulting
  5. Project Feasibility Research and Marketing Consulting

  Shanghai Xujiahui Business Centre

Stanley & Partners provided the feasiblity analysis for clients. Planning Bureau, Railway Traffic Burean, etc. This project wa sucessfully purchased and developed by Shanghai City Development Group. We also provided the consulting services of invesment promotion for clients. One of promotion activities was held in New York.

  Puding International High-Tech Culture Industry Project

Accoring to the comprehensive research on market andcuture industry. Stanley & Partners provided the consulting services of land development for clients. It includes the land purchaser seeking, the sequenc and the timing of lands selling, the organization structure planning, financial analysis, etc.

  Shanghai Maqiao Qizhong Forest Sport Town

The project is located in Maqiao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai. It covers an area of 13 square kilometers. According to the comprehensive research on the population size and distribution, Stanley & Partners provided the services of development proposal feasibility analysis and investment promotion for clients.

  Beijing Shichahai No.1 & No.2 Land

The project is located in the scenic area of Shichahai, Xicheng District of Beijing. It covers an area of 13.5 hectares. According to the comprehensive research on the population size and distribution, Stanley & Partners provided the services of development proposal, fund raising proposal, feasibility analysis, investment promotion and risk aalysis for clients.

  Guizhou china Railway International Eco-City Project

The project is located in Longli County, Guizhou. It covers an area of 20 square kilometers, where the land area of 30,000 mu are developable for a new city with the industry of tourism, health and ecology. having the overseas well developed experiences, Stanley & Partners provided strategy research, market reporting together with the services of development consulting for clients.

  Investment Promotiion Consultancy for the Zone F of New Jiangwan City

Zoon F is one of the most important area in the New Jiangwan City. Stanley & Partners provided the project development proposal for potential clients. We have had two road shows of invesment promotion for this project. More than 40 well-know investors participated into these activities. Eventually, the land is successfully purchased by the one of invited investors at auction.


Citigroup is a global pre-eminent financial services company, with some 200 million customer accounts in more than 100 countries. It regularly launches outstanding financial products based on the global background and the local market demands. Being Citigroup's real estate investment advisor. Stanley & Partners provides Shanghai and Beijing real estate market research & consultancy services, property valuations and appraisal. Stanley & Partners have completed research and consultancy reports covering retail market and office market for Citigroup, meanwhile, we have completed a number of NPL valuations and appraisals throughout mainland China.

  Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is an international investment bank and one of the major underwriters of Chinese companies listing abroad. Stanley & Partners is appointed as a real estate consultant for their private equity investment in both the Shanghai and Beijing market.

  Jinniu, Chengdu

Stanley & Partners was commissioned to provide regional planning and redevelopment consulting and international promotion services to Jinniu District People's Government for the 108-km2 area of Jinniu District. We provided professional and feasible suggestions for Jinniu District's by conductiong a through research and studies of Jinniu. The research report we represented covered macro-economy development trend, industry orientation, relevant government policies, regional functioning plan, and up-to-date market information of regional real estate market trend, et. At present, Stanley & partners is also providing international promotion services for Jinniu District by holding promotion conferences and introducing global investors.

  CITIC Capital

The department offers professional real estate investment research in hotspots all across the China mainland, including hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Dalian, and Shenzhen. We provided due diligence and feasibility studies that led to the successful acquisition of an office complex project in the Changfeng Retail district of Shanghai's Putuo district.

  Beijing Tianhong Group

Beijing Tianhong Group is the largest real estate developer in Beijing. Stanley & Partners successfully introduced Credit Suisse to co-invest with Tianhong Group in Beijing and Shanghai market. We also facilitated them to set up private equity fund and provided a structured finance report for Tianhong Group.

  Shanghai land Reserve Center for the World Expo

Shanghai Land reserve Center for the World Expo, in conjunction with shanghai World Expo Land Holding Co., Ltd. ddeals with the pruchase and management of land with regard to the World Expo site. As a consultant, Stanley & Partners helped the group to manage relocation-housing issues with an in-depth market study and performed a project planning study to aid in the positioning and planning of the 2010 World Expo.

  Hutchison Whampoa Properties (Shanghai) Limited

As a multinationl company, Hustchison Whampoa owns its business in 52 countries globally. Currently, HW is developing the Zhou Pu residential project in Nan Hui District, Shanghai. Our firm provides a Feasiblity Report, which contains market research, project positioning and regional planning.

  Shanghai Zhujiajiao Investment & Development Co., Ltd

Stnaley & Partners provided land zoning and land pricing strategy for a Zhujiajiao project, resulting in the sale of the project land block at a 15% premium above the original projected price. Post-sale, we assisted in locating investors such as the SPG Group, woh successfully invested in land block 1, which has now developed into a villa community-Cambridge Watertown. In 2007, we continued our partnership with Zhujiajiao Investment & Development by providing an IPO feasibility study which eventually led to the successful public listing of their company.

  Shanghai Harbour City Development (Gourp) Co.,Ltd.

Lingang New City is one of the focal points for Shanghai's future development, with plans to develop into a coastal resort by 2010. The project Stanley & Partners was presented with was a mixed-use land block within lingang New City's first ring. We constructed a development strategy plan and provided international promotion and marketing advisory as well as financing strategy consulting.

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