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The rapid development of China’s real estate industry has drawn it into a period of financial sophistication. With the traditional, straightforward bank loan gradually being displaced by more complex and diversified financing methods, a company’s viability in the modern markets is increasingly dependent on its ability to raise capital and utilize it efficiently and effectively.

The real estate industry’s increasing international and financial orientation led to Stanley & Partner’s establishment in 2002 as the first and most well-known real estate investment banking services firm in China, offering domestic operational expertise, international financing experience, and incomparable market resources and networks. Our real estate investment platform provides capital financing and deal sourcing solutions for both domestic and international investors. We provide our customers with our superior real estate financial management and operations, uniting land, capital, and talent together and building the most complete and the most competitive real estate investment bank in China.

Stanley & Partners’ managing team of international professionals specializes in developing feasible financing and real estate operations strategy. Our expertise is the foundation for our commitment to creating wealth for both our domestic and foreign customers.

Today , the real estate industry’s financial services sector is still in a period of development. Diversified financing, including property trusts, structural financing, and private placement, is the future direction of the industry, and Stanley & Partners is proud to be at the vanguard of the movement.

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